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Yaourt mûres myrtilles

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Yaourt mûres myrtilles

A special selection from PAUL : presented in its stoneware black pot, a steamed and whole milk yogurt and its blueberry puree, selected by us. 


Nutritional value

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Notre produit

Whole milk, cream, sugar, blackberry and blueberry fruit puree. 

Valeurs nutritionnelles aux 100 G

  • Energie (KJ)582,83 KJ
  • Energie (kcal)139,30 kcal
  • Matières grasses6,50 g
  • Acides gras saturés3,60 g
  • Total Carbohydrates18,00 g
  • Sugars17,00 g
  • Fibres alimentaires0,00 g
  • Protein2,20 g
  • Sel0,00 g

Valeurs nutritionnelles par portion

  • Energie (KJ) 699,40 KJ
  • Energie (kcal) 167,16 kcal
  • Matières grasses 7,80 g
  • Acides gras saturés 4,32 g
  • Total Carbohydrates 21,60 g
  • Sugars 20,40 g
  • Fibres alimentaires 0,00 g
  • Protein 2,64 g
  • Sel 0,00 g


  • Milk 1
The allergens mentioned on allergens in the product. This does not include the risk of cross contamination (the complete list of allergens is available in stores).

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