Our primary responsibility is to guarantee the safety of the food offered in our stores, which is why PAUL has put in place a Sanitary Master Plan (PMS) in line with European regulations, hygiene and product safety.

All employees are made aware of the respect of these good hygiene practices (staff outings, handwashing, compliance with cleaning and disinfection protocols, cold chain, traceability).

As such, one of the key elements of this device is the daily cleaning and disinfection procedures PAUL. The detergent / disinfectant products used by Sealed Air Diversey Care are food approved and have a validated bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal action. Frequencies and uses by sector and type of surface are defined in consultation with the technicians of the service provider. The latter carries out visits which also make it possible to verify compliance with the use of the products and the proper functioning.


Preventatively, our shops have a pest control contract 'Ecolab Pest France' or 'Acthys'. This contract covers all the installations of the site (reserves, manufacturing workshops, cloakrooms and sanitary facilities, customer reception area and outskirts of shops). It includes the installation of prevention devices (numbered traps, secure and closed) and frequencies of passages adapted according to the location of the store (city center, shopping center, nearby environment, ...).

The combined action of the pest control device and the proper application of the cleaning and disinfection plan make it possible to protect the products against any disease or germ 

In order to ensure that these provisions are applied consistently, an independent hygiene laboratory, 'Mérieux Nutri-sciences', is regularly involved in each store. Each quarter, he conducts an unannounced full audit in accordance with a predefined grid covering compliance with PMS PAUL and the regulations. This laboratory also carries out sampling of products and surfaces in order to check the absence of microbiological contamination according to the regulatory criteria.

It is through all of these actions that we guarantee you daily quality products.